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Client Loyalty Advisor

ING Bank: Lancy, Geneva Branch

Department: Wholesale Banking / Operations Client Services / Client Loyalty Team.

Main Mission
The Client Loyalty Advisor (CLA) is a member of the Swiss Client Loyalty Team, a daily operational self-steering team located in Geneva. The team is jointly responsible for the day-to-day servicing, advising and guiding of Swiss and International Wholesale Banking clients.

He/she works in close cooperation with the Relationship Managers, Transaction Services Sales Consultants, Transaction Services Sales Account Managers, Support and Operational departments, GSO/HUB (Bratislava) and Transaction Managers (TMO).

Skills required

Overall, the CLA role requires a combination of strong interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, organizational competence to effectively serve and support clients in a banking context:

Client-Centric Mindset: The CLA possesses a dedication to client satisfaction. It’s not just about providing a service but genuinely caring about the client’s delivery. This means proactively seeking ways to meet their needs and address their concerns.

Solution-Oriented Approach: The CLA approaches every client interaction as an opportunity to find solutions; seeing challenges as opportunities and creating positive outcomes for clients.

Meticulousness and Precision: The CLA should possess a meticulous eye for detail. He/she understands that the accuracy of financial transactions and client data is paramount.

Collaborative Spirit: The CLA is part of a closed knitted team that works closely with other local and international teams. A collaborative mindset is crucial for high performance.

Effective Time Management:  The CLA must be able to prioritize and plan his/her work to ensure that client needs are met promptly and efficiently. Given the multitude of client requests and tasks, effective time management is essential.

Language Proficiency as a Bridge: Proficiency in English and French is a must. Other languages, such as German, or Dutch, are a plus. It highlights the willingness to go the extra mile to communicate effectively and build strong relationships.

Contact person:

Amaury Marchandise, President Trust to Achieve Association 
T : +41 79 59 411 48 / @ :

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