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How successfully integrating blind and Visually Impaired People (VIPs) can drive growth and create value

13 October 2022 - 13:00-19:00 In honor of World Sight Day ProgramDownload Procter & GambleRoute de Saint-Georges 47 - 1213...
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Pictet invited Trust-to-Achieve to Facilitate an Interactive Event

2 May 2022

“The event was one of the most powerful I have ever attended. I was impressed by all speakers and their...
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TTA dans Ensemble – RTS

24 February 2022

Trust To Achieve aide Thibault atteint de cécité à décrocher un emploi qualifié Cela fait maintenant 2 ans que l’association...
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Conseiller en Fidélisation de la Clientèle (CLA)

ING BANK: Lancy / Genève Services à la clientèle / Équipe chargée de la fidélisation de la clientèle. Responsable des...
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Team Assistant (40%)

Due to the continuing increase in TTA activity the organization needs an assistant to work with the Board of Directors...
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Trading & Shipping accountant

Job Description Desired Start Date: Q4 2022Are you looking to grow your career in the vibrant world of energy trading?Do...
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Nearly 377,000 people, or 4% of the Swiss population, live with some form of visual impairment. Many of these individuals have high quality formal education and large skill sets. In theory, they could – and should – aspire to become lawyers, accountants, marketing managers, psychologists, teachers, social workers, bakers, executive assistants and much more. In addition, technological tools, and the rise of remote and hybrid working cultures, means that visually impaired people (VIPs) can easily integrate into work teams and organizations.

Trust To Achieve is committed to bringing together organizations looking for novel talent pools and motivated VIPs who dare to dream of stimulating careers.

Our Missions

Inspire a mindset change

We believe in stimulating a competency-based conversation, where potential employees are judged based on their abilities rather on their disabilities, and where diversity is considered a competitive advantage. We believe that this means changing the mindset both within the VIP community and within the recruitment and business communities.

Encourage employment and career opportunities for blind and visually impaired persons (VIP) within Swiss Society

Based on best practices from numerous countries and industries, we can now demonstrate the feasibility of and added value of VIP integration. Moreover, we want to encourage VIPs of all ages to dare and dream of interesting professions and career options. Finally, we actively support both interested organizations and motivated VIPs through coaching, mentoring, and advisory to ensure that good ideas and dreams can be transformed into concrete actions and behaviors.

Promote strategic organizational development through competency-based recruitment and integration

Organizations who envisage VIP integration will not only benefit from potentially hiring competent and motivated employees. They will also learn to think differently about recruitment and development practices, team dynamics, and leadership skills. Research and experience have demonstrated that this has positive effects on organizational culture and organizational resilience.

Final Objective: SUCCESSFULLY MATCH Organizations and VIPs

We are convinced that mutually beneficial partnerships can be achieved and that beyond the concrete integrating of VIPs and the added value this can have for the VIP and the hiring organizations, we can positively contribute to the diversity and inclusion conversation.

Beyond Diversity and Inclusion: Develop networks and eco-systems that support sustainable development

Diversity and inclusion are important topics. Clients increasingly demand social responsibility. Regulators require diversity goals within a growing number of financial and quality standards. Diversity and inclusion are not just boxes to be checked or standards to be fulfilled. When done professionally and with the right mindset, diversity and inclusion contribute to individual, organizational, and societal prosperity.

We hope you will join us in the conversation and contribute to meaningful change!

Board Members

Amaury Marchandise

Matteo Inaudi
Legal & Finance

Dr. Tanja Wranik
Communication & Corporate Relations

James Dunsterville

Marc Aubert 
Public Affairs & Press

Thibault Trancart
VIP Communication & Mentorship

Olivier Trancart
Board Member

For more information: Amaury@trust-to-achieve.com

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