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Why should you care about Visually Impaired People (VIP)?

The world is constantly changing; you need appropriate mindsets, competencies, and diverse talent pools to meet the challenges and expectations of the 21st Century.

We believe that visually impaired people (VIP) are a potential solution. In addition, with technology, and the rise of remote and hybrid working cultures, VIPs can easily integrate into most work teams and organizations.

Organizations who envisage VIP recruitment and integration will not only benefit from potentially hiring competent and motivated employees. They will also learn to think differently about learning and development practices, team dynamics, and leadership skills. This in turn, has positive effects on organizational culture and organizational resilience.

Many of these individuals have high quality education and large skill sets. In theory, they could – and should – aspire to become lawyers, accountants, marketing managers, psychologists, teachers, social workers, bakers, executive assistants, hotel receptionists, and much more.” (We are eliminating the word “Formal”)

The added value of VIPs for your organization

When done correctly, VIP integration has positive effects on organization practices and team dynamics. Here just a few examples:

Organizational practices: Develop new products and services; gain a better understanding of specific client segments; access novel talent pools; develop strategic human resource practices; augment sustainability and social responsibility.

Team dynamics: Improve communication, collaboration, and feedback culture; develop perspective taking and empathy; think outside the box.

Coaching and Advisory Support

Would you like more information? Contact us and:

Be inspired by the types of positions, departments, and teams where VIPs could be a strategic asset for your organization.

Receive pragmatic advice on what you need to consider before recruiting and integrating a VIP.

Prepare your leaders and employees to successfully onboard and integrate the VIP into the department and team.

Are you ready to hire and integrate a VIP?

We can advise you concerning HR practices, IT Tools, accessibility consideration, and internal communication.

Depending on your needs, we can work with your Senior Leadership Teams, HR Teams, Team Managers, and Employees to facilitate VIP integration and ensure you achieve real strategic added value.

We also provide network and best practice sharing opportunities with professional associations and partner organizations so that we can continuously learn from each other.

For more information: Tanja@trust-to-achieve.com

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