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Blind and visually impaired persons (VIPs) who dare to dream and are searching for a stimulating profession

If you are a blind or visually impaired person (VIP), and you…

  • wish to imagine (im)possible career options based on your unique interests and skills
  • are currently finishing your studies and want to optimize your chances to obtain an interesting first job
  • already have professional experience and are looking for a new challenge
  • simply need inspiration, discussions, or concrete tools and advice concerning your career

then TTA might be the place to find what you are “looking for”😉

We work with ambitious and self-motivated VIPs who want pragmatic tools, coaching, and mentoring to overcome potential barriers in their professional life.  In some cases, these barriers are physical, and usually solutions are easily found. In most cases, however, these barriers are in the hearts and minds of VIPs and their potential employers.

TTA can help you develop a stimulating and realistic career plan, and provide practical support throughout your career planning, job application, and organizational integration phases.

Depending on your needs, here some examples:

  • Dare to think outside the box and imagine career choices
  • Learn to look for job opportunities in unexpected places
  • Write effective motivation letters
  • Learn to create a professional and competency-based CV
  • Become self-confident in how you present yourself
  • Successfully interview in different contexts
  • Networking skills
  • Emotional competence
  • Self-management

Depending on your needs. we will put you in contact with people who can share their experiences or with mentors and coaches that can provide the type of development opportunities you need to achieve your objectives.


To find out if TTA might be a partner for your future career, please contact: community@trust-to-achieve.com


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