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Brainworking Genève – Partnership- Podcasts to raise awareness about visual impairment – April 2024

14 May 2024
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Amaury marchandise, Président de Trust To Achieve & François Keller, directeur de BrainWorking

Break out of clichés and talk differently

In partnership with Brainworking, a Geneva-based association, we will participate in the creation of 5 audio stories on the theme of visual impairment in the corporate world.

The aim is to raise awareness, arouse curiosity, encourage mutual support, talk about the daily life of visually impaired people and thus promote inclusion. We want to share the experiences of visually impaired people within the company and their team. To tell the story of their integration, the solutions they have found, the improvements they can make. And above all, to show the potential and help other companies to take the step of inclusion!

These testimonies on the theme of work will be part of about fifty other interviews, still on the theme of visual impairment, but also on other themes such as research, education, autonomy and mutual help. The “Prunelle” project will deliver these free-access video podcasts.

They will all be produced in the BrainWorking studios, specialized in professional integration and editorial projects. The project, coordinated by François Keller and his team, is looking for partners to finance the production. A way for companies to support the theme of inclusion or to demonstrate their commitment in this area.

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Interactive Workshop at Pictet Group – Geneva – April 2023

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A big thank you, Pictet Group for giving Trust To Achieve the opportunity to raise awareness among your employees about the inclusion of visually impaired people within companies.

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