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Interactive Virtual Workshop

22 April 2021

Discover the benefits of including visually impaired people (VIP) into modern organizations

You are a senior leader and decision maker within a public or private organization. You care about the sustainable future and performance of your department or company.

You realize that to be truly prepared for the future, you need resilient, open-minded, and competent people at all levels of your organization.

Well then, ARE YOU READY?
to think out of the box and discover a universe of talents who see things differently?

We invite you to participate in the event hosted by our association «Trust to Achieve».

During this interactive event, you will have the chance to meet visually impaired entrepreneurs and experts in various sectors and to hear corporate leaders’ testimonies about how working with VIPs has boosted their business.Discover the benefits of including visually impaired people (VIP) into modern organizations.


Revised program:

  • An introduction to Trust To Achieve, what we do, our vision and how we can assist your company
  • 2 Case studies that show how integration into your company can be achieved and the benefits gained
  • But most of all, interaction and get all the answers from your questions!

Please register yourself and get the zoom invitation :

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