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Pictet invited Trust-to-Achieve to Facilitate an Interactive Event

2 May 2022

“The event was one of the most powerful I have ever attended. I was impressed by all speakers and their life stories. The mindset and attitude they use to overcome all their challenges and transform them into assets, have now become some of our most powerful guiding principles.Many thanks and best regards”

Ermira Marika
Head of Swiss Bonds – Fixed Income
Pictet Asset Management

Pictet invited Trust-to-Achieve (TTA) to facilitate an awareness-raising event concerning the benefits of hiring Visually Impaired People (VIPs).

During this interactive event, TTA President, Amaury Marchandise, presented the association’s goals, objectives, and activities. Trust-to-achieve is a non-profit organization committed to enabling VIPs who aspire to meaningful work and wish to integrate a wide range of professions (www.trust-to-achieve.com).

The spotlight was then cast on four VIPs and their stories: Thibault Trancart, Ali Yusuf, Saliou Sangare, and Céline Witschard. Their narratives showed how important determination, hard work, and a positive mindset are to overcoming most challenges, and showcased the diversity in skills and types of professions to which VIP can aspire.

Finally, TTA Board Member, Dr. Tanja Wranik, presented the business case for VIP integration and how to harness diversity and inclusion as a catalyst for strategic organizational development. The main message was that diversity and inclusion can be beneficial for the hiring organization and the persons being integrated with competency-based management practices and professional advisory.

At the end of the event, informal discussions and interactions allowed Pictet participants to interact with TTA and the showcased VIPs to discover how IT tools and support can facilitate and enhance collaboration and teamwork.

We thank Pictet for inviting us to this interactive event and hope we can inspire others to explore the business case for integrating VIPs into their organization.

Would you like more information about how you can integrate a VIP in your organization?

Contact us: at Tanja@trust-to-achieve.com

Save the date: come to our half-day interactive event on 13 October 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland. Stay posted for more information concerning exact location and program.

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